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  2. No makeup Sundays

  3. Super bored

  4. dontletitgofucker:

    Today my coworker told me I was pretty. It’s said that I cringed instead of saying thank you… So here’s a selfie to try to prove to myself, I am pretty. Don’t cringe. Be happy

  5. Ok, although I take so many selfies I never post them because I feel like I’m so ugly and I really need to stop that. I’m just gonna post them and fuck everything else. Life is too short to worry about my appearance.

  6. dontletitgofucker:

    I haven’t posted a selfie in a while so…

  7. dontletitgofucker:

    Hey guys! New video is up and its about lyrics from the 1995! Go watch it and tell me if I should do more of these! Thanks so much! <3


  8. So apparently I flirted all night with one boy and then I puked when I was in the cab… Fuck me.

  9. Second outfit 🙊

  10. letitgofucker:

    First wedding outfit :)