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    it’s me ur new classmate im here and ready 2 learn 

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    This is why they remade Spiderman.

    matching icons for u and ur friends

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    crying because 50 shades of grey


    fifty shades of awful



    50 Shades is a lot more interesting if you convince yourself that “there” means “my feet”

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    1. how to stop time: kiss
    2. how to travel in time: read
    3. how to escape time: music
    4. how to feel time: write
    5. how to waste time: social media

  6. Zodiac Hidden Fears

    1. ♈ Aries: Aries fear that they don't fear 'fear'. Most of them are insightful enough to know they can leap head on into danger unnecessarily
    2. ♉ Taurus: People will think they are boring. To make up for it they bake food or take people out because they are worried they alone aren't enough
    3. ♊ Gemini: Other people will see how internally wound up and vulnerable they are. How much they really need somebody there; no matter how independent they may seem
    4. ♋ Cancer: Having a volatile family life. Most Cancers fear divorce but also believe it will never happen to them
    5. ♌ Leo: People will tire of their theatrics and neediness and reject them entirely. That eventually people will give up on trying to assure them and cope with their drama
    6. ♍ Virgo: People will judge them and treat them differently if they are not at least fulfilling some purpose or use for being around
    7. ♎ Libra: They will be alone forever
    8. ♏ Scorpio: They will open up and share a secret to somebody, but be rejected / betrayed
    9. ♐ Sagittarius: They will love somebody more than the other person loves them. They will need somebody more than they are needed.
    10. ♑ Capricorn: Because everyone puts so much faith in them, they are secretly worried they will just destroy everything and don't know who to ask for help
    11. ♒ Aquarius: Eventually they will just drift entirely away from everybody. That one day they will be unable to decipher what is rational and not. A true sense of isolation
    12. ♓ Pisces: That people only pretend to like them. Most Pisces can't figure out why they have friends or why they are liked. They are constantly comparing themselves
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    well that was nice to see before bed, various different mental images of Dan naked (god please dream about the starfish one and not the scenario with his mum).  Those type of videos are my favourite, I much prefer him just waffling and telling us stories about his life as opposed to collabs and things, I love him so much <3

    I love this video! And the mental images were just the icing on the cake :)


    1. baby: m-m-ma-
    2. mother: are you trying to say mama? come on baby! you can do it!
    3. baby: m-m-m-
    4. mother: yes, say mama!
    5. baby: ma-ma!
    6. mother: oh my! it's a miracle! baby's first wor-
    7. baby: just killed a man
    8. mother: wut
    9. baby: put a gun against his head
    10. mother: u are a baby, where are you getting firearms
    11. baby: pulled my trigger now he's dead
    12. mother: you are only a baby. what is going on
    13. baby: mama, life had just begun
    14. mother: yeah u were born like 2 minutes ago
    15. baby: but now i've gone and thrown it all away
    16. mother: am i being punk'd
    17. baby: mammaaaaaaa ooOOOOoohhHHHHh
    18. back up babies: (any way the wind blows)
    19. baby: didn't mean to make you cry. if im not back again this time tomorrow
    20. mother: where u gonna go. u a baby. u dont even have a driver's license
    21. baby: carry onnnn, carry onnn, as if nothing really matters
    22. mother: omg my baby's first words!
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